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It’s the ultimate throwback concert tour, starring Salt N Pepa ft. Get ready to relive the era that inspired today’s music and fashion, featuring some of The 90’s most popular Hip-Hop and R&B icons, all on one stage for a fun-filled night out that doubles as an arena-sized dance party!

Audiences can expect to hear chart-topping hits like “Let’s Talk About Sex,” “Shoop,” “Ice, Ice Baby,” “I Wanna Sex You Up,” “I Swear,” “Gangsta’s Paradise,” “Funky Cold Medina,” “Bust a Move,” and more!

I'll sing my super casino song, to encourage you.(She sings): Roulette and chemmy, and pontoon and poker, Bingo and blackjack when I hold the joker, Throwing the dice while Elton John sings, These are a few of my favourite things. No wait, it would be even better to walk to the ball and save carbon emissions.(Spinderella is helping Lady Patricia and Reidette and Prescottine to get dressed up for the ball.) Reidette: I look so gorgeous. Godmother: England to win the last two Test matches! Then Tessa appears briefly at the side of the stage.) Tessa: By the way, I thought you might like to know that I've been discussing the budget for the 2012 Olympics and it definitely won't go a penny over £894 gazillion. I was just passing and, feeling a bit hot, I wondered if you might possibly have a glass of fresh pomegranate juice? (Spinders fetches him the drink.) Funny, I thought a nice young girl like you would be at the ball at the royal palace.

Prescottine: She thinks she's so posh and coffee-nosed, when I know for a fact that I am much more beautiful, refined and distinctive than she is.(Enter Baron Hardup) Patricia: Where have you been, Hardup? [She waves her wand, puff of smoke, nothing happens]. I'll turn those rats and mice into horses and coachmen. And that courgette, or whatever it is, is gradually turning into a gorgeous coach.

Today we are discussing the great professional singer with a beautiful face who has spread good vibes on people with her talent. Kristinia De Barge has always been in the spotlight, be it for her fabulous career or her sought for love life.

Everyone wants to know if she is married and has a husband in her life, but thus far, she has not spoken anything about her married life out to the media.

The 15 lagers were OK, but the Malibu and crème de menthe cocktail was a mistake. If I may say so, quite frankly my child, you cannot be too ill to do the housework. There are just an extremely few cases of not quite wellness. Buttons (Aside to the Audience): You see, they don't realise that I am actually Prince Charming. Cameron: I'll tell you when we get there.(Suddenly, a rat jumps out from the corner, startling Cameron so that he swerves and Spinders falls off the bike.) Spinders: God, I need a drink after that.(She dashes offstage leaving behind a tiny cycle safety helmet. The King and the Queen watch glumly.) King: How much longer?

Hardup: The thing is, I'm a little short of funds since I paid so much for this peerage. All your worries will be over when one of my lovely daughters marries Prince Charming. People think of me as just a dour Scottish Buttons because they haven't seen my softer side. I may have to consult my associate, the Great Mando who is a Magician.(Enter Tessa) Tessa: I just popped in to say that I've just checked the budget for the 2012 Olympics and it won't cost a penny more than £214 trillion Audience: OH YES IT WILL! I've just been out to see if they might agree to buy it back for half the cost price, but nobody wants to be a baron any more. Then you can get a nice, well-paid position on a quango. We must put the appropriate machinery in place to enable us to go to the shops. I'm just waiting for my big moment when at last I can reveal myself as the handsome and popular Prince. I am your Blairy Godmother and I still have a very full programme to fulfil your every wish. Tessa: Oh no it won't.(Enter Mando the Magician dressed all in black, including the cloak.) Mando: What do you think of the cloak, darlings? known as DJ Spinderella or simply Spinderella, is an American DJ, rapper, producer and actress.DJ Spinderella, who worked the event, shared photos from the reception via Instagram.Kristiana De Barge is the daughter of James De Barge and Christine Mcdonald.

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Many know her as a celebrated DJ and Grammy winner; those who have met her say she is the nicest woman you will ever meet.

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