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She locks herself away in an ice palace, in an attempt to protect those she loves from her perceived 'brokenness,' and ends up discovering herself and learning to love herself as she is, and that is such an incredibly powerful message for someone who doesn't fit into the heteronormative mold thrust on us from birth.

Elsa is a fucking QUEEN who has the strength and fortitude to be herself in a world that tells her she's wrong for being what she is."—nicoleg46944188e "I've always viewed Fox Mulder as ace.

He says he gets the impression that the people making the claims had “heard the word asexuality but didn't really understand it” and instead use it as a term to describe a lifelong celibate. “It's important to distinguish asexuality from celibacy – a choice not to have sex,” he explains.

“Everyone has certain people they are not sexually attracted to.

Scully and Mulder obviously care about each other considerably, but I never really read their relationship as sexual or even romantic.

One thing that really sticks with me was an episode where a shapeshifting imposter replaces Mulder and is surprised at how 'boring' the guy is.

Share your thoughts in the comments section and see if you already knew of any of the celebs on this list of asexual people.

Like me, she's more interested in her work and her hobbies and her friendships than pursuing romance."—Amelia Tumlin "Honestly, and I know it's cliché, but Elsa from Frozen is really the only character that immediately comes to mind, probably because I see her as aromantic as well as asexual.

The imposter was especially bewildered that a man as attractive as Mulder was not dating anyone and wasn't trying to sleep with his partner.

Mulder is way more interested in his job and hobbies than he is with sex, and I can certainly relate to that."—awestfall6542"Growing up I related to Scully, who I couldn't imagine being slightly interested in a relationship.

Faced with that sort of overwhelming attitude, he’s just going to hide how he feels, so he doesn’t appear to be weak or broken or damaged.

And so, in a world where that’s not just the predominant view, but pretty much the view, you can see how it’s hard for a man to figure out that he’s asexual.

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